5 comments on “No New Religions Welcome!

  1. “St. Paul said, ‘anyone who tries to preach a gospel different from what we have taught, let him be anathema’. “

    And yet when “St.” Paul said this, he was preaching against Peter, Jemes, and John. They were the ones preaching a different gospel than him. For Paul was preaching justification by faith alone and they were not. So Paul condemns them as preaching a different gospel. Everyone who has read Galatians IN CONTEXT knows this. So, I find that I don’t agree with “St.” Paul and I doubt you do either! Paul’s gospel is not Jesus’ gospel.

    • This is not true, he rebuked St. Peter over trying to continue to observe the mosaic law of the old testament, and that circumcission was still needed (although healthy) to be members of the church. This ofcourse was recanted by St. Peter and all was well.

      • You are reading all of that into the text. All Paul actually says is that Peter stopped eating with the Gentiles when certain men from James came. Which probably only means that he was following the same teaching that Paul himself would later give in Romans/1 Cor that if eating a particular meat would offend a brother you shouldn’t do it in front of them. I.e. Peter would normally eat non-kosher meat with the Gentiles, but when certain Jewish brethren who scrupled at it visited, he wouldn’t do it in order to avoid offending them. Paul blows a gasket not because Peter is doing anything wrong [he’s following a teaching Paul himself will later give] but because Paul is jealous of Peter.

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